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Testimonial Tuesday!

Testimonial Tuesday-2


It’s Testimonial Tuesday! Let’s hear from one of the Mamas we’ve supported with Placenta Services in the past…


“As a mother of three I am not new to the experience of birth. However with my youngest I decided on the good advice of my doula to consider placenta encapsulation as a way of coping with my history of postpartum depression. I considered that strictly from a nutritional and biological standpoint placenta encapsulation made sense to me and certainly would do no harm to me or my baby. My PPD had been moderate with my previous deliveries and I had heard strong positive experiences from other mothers about the many benefits of placenta encapsulation. I reached out to Courtney via email and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly she got back to me. I had many questions when making my decision and Courtney was always quick to respond and very pleasant to work with. Because I decided on placenta encapsulation close to my due date I was concerned about payment and how to navigate getting the placenta out of the hospital for preparation; Courtney was professional and reassured me that she would take care of everything. I settled on raw placenta which Courtney would provide my first dose in a smoothie while I was still at the hospital, capsules, as well as a salve. When the time came Courtney came right away to the hospital to pick up the placenta. She was so sweet and quite and respectful of our newest edition, she made sure to let me know she would be back the next day with my smoothie. Almost to the minute Courtney returned the following day with a smoothie prepared for me, my raw pieces, capsules, and my salve. She offered her expertise on how best to consume and use my placenta products and asked if we had any questions before she left. I would recommend Courtney to anyone considering placenta encapsulation. She is well educated, professional, sweet, and amazing to work with. I love the personal touches of her services including the open relationship and ongoing education she has continued to provide me, my friends, and family about the benefits of placenta encapsulation.”           ~ Shanna L.