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Why Consuming your Placenta doesn’t have to be Gross.


We totally get it, you are in good company. No one takes a gander at any placenta and thinks, “that looks appetizing, does anyone have hot sauce handy?” (Now there’s something you have been missing on your birth packing list, right?) I always love to hear Courtney give her elevator speech on placenta encapsulation because one of the first things she says is, “many people think right away that consuming the placenta is like taking a fork and knife to it.” And that really helps folks visualize exactly what they DO NOT want to be doing with a body organ of any sort.  I mean, some people do I am sure- but we are almost positive that it isn’t you.

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Placenta tincture and capsules

The best part about what Courtney usually says next is that it completely redefines in your mind what you will actually in real life be agreeing to. And that simply is, taking a capsule- much like many of the supplements you have already been taking throughout your life. We bring you a cute little jar (sometimes we even tie a ribbon on it, swoon) and inside the jar lies 80-150 capsules for you to take out one at a time and pop in your pretty little mama mouth and swallow with a glass of water. See? How simple is that? If this does not seem simple to you and you are still grossed out, we may not be able to improve on the situation much more (unless tying two ribbons on the jar would do it for you?). Your only responsibility here is to remember to take the pill, and trust us, most moms are easily motivated to get their doses in.

The part that you do not have to worry about is how it gets that way. We lovingly transport your placenta out of your proximity and bring it home with us to expertly process. We dehydrate the placenta to remove all the moisture, grind up the dehydrated placenta into a fine powder and then carefully fill each gel cap with the placenta powder. We want you to get all the benefits of your placenta as soon as possible so we are always getting this done in as timely a fashion as we can manage. We deliver your placenta products to wherever you may be when they are ready and we make sure that you understand the recommended dosing and how to adjust the dosing to meet your specific postpartum needs.

It usually only takes a few days for a text or email to come barreling in to us to the effect of, “I was so skeptical of the whole thing, I really wasn’t sure if I should do it. But SO many of my friends had done placenta encapsulation and recommended it so highly I figured why not. But oh my goodness, were they right!! I don’t know how other moms feel who do not take their placentas, but I feel so much better than I ever expected. My milk came in right away and I have plenty of it, I feel like I have enough energy throughout the day and my mood is stable and upbeat. I think it’s safe to give all the credit to my placenta, thank you so much! I am telling everybody!!” And we kid you not, its practically verbatim from the huge majority of women we have the opportunity to serve. If you were hearing feedback like this over and over again, you would be wanting to encapsulate placentas too!!

The recap is, YES you can be grossed out at first thought. NO you do not have to pop your placenta on the grill and take a steak knife to it. YES we will make this as easy as pie for you. NO we will not make a placenta pie for you. (Well maybe, make us an offer). And YES you too can have a totally gross-free placenta consuming experience. The only thing left is for you to say YES to your placenta. Love, Tiffany