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You Want Me to Put What in My Smoothie?!

You Want Me to Put What in My Smoothie?!

Yes – your placenta – in your smoothie. I know, I know… You’re cool with the capsules, but the smoothie is really pushing it. I get it! I used to think the same exact thing, even as a Placenta Specialist. It sounded totally gross, even though I knew all about the benefits. I would ask my clients, “are you sure you can’t taste the placenta?? Not at all?” and then I would skeptically share the “no-taste testimonials” with future clients, hoping they would have the same results. Of course, they always did. It wasn’t until I got to experience the amazingness of placenta smoothies first-hand that I really became a believer…

After my first birth, I did not encapsulate my placenta. That was before I became a birth worker, when I would happily skip past any placenta-related discussions. So, needless to say, I did not consume my placenta after my daughter’s birth – although I really, really wish I had. I had a very difficult postpartum and my hormones were all over the place. Not fun. Fast forward to my second pregnancy… I’m a full-time birth worker and I’ve already attended many births as a doula and encapsulated lots of placentas for other Mamas. This time I am SO going to consume my placenta. In fact, I’m super excited about it and can’t wait for the opportunity to see my placenta and make prints out of it!! (Yes, I am happy to admit that I’m a placenta nerd.) The lovely Tiffany was my Doula and Placenta Specialist (because who else would a Placenta Specialist choose except her own Placenta Partner?), and she made the best placenta smoothies for me!

Of all the ways to consume my placenta, why did I choose smoothies, you ask? Well first, I had to get a definite answer for that perplexing question, “So can you taste the placenta?” The answer is no, I could not taste it. Not for a second. Somehow the universe decided that raw placenta shall be flavorless in a smoothie, which is totally rad! The only thing I tasted was a delicious berry smoothie. Yum!! Second, placenta smoothies are so quick and so easy. I was able to have a placenta smoothie immediately postpartum, right in the hospital! It was great!! Especially since I was having very heavy bleeding and placenta smoothies help to decrease your immediate postpartum bleeding. Win, win! Finally, placenta smoothies were a great option for me, because with such a challenging postpartum after my first birth, I knew I needed to be grounded right away going into my second postpartum. My two postpartum experiences were night and day from each other. I had very little hormonal fluctuation the second time, way less bleeding, more energy and alertness, and more milk – it was great!

So, if you’re not sure if smoothies are the right option for you, just give it a go – you might be surprised! I totally thought I would never drink a placenta smoothie, but I’m so grateful for the difference it made in my postpartum and healing. I guess I can check that off my bucket list 😉 Love, Courtney