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Ok, you just might be on board, hypothetically. But you have some more questions, we get it.

What Is The Process To Encapsulate The Placenta?

Once you have secured the services of your Specialist, with a deposit and signed contract, she will be on call for you surrounding your due date. You’ll get specific instructions from her about preserving your placenta after birth. She will come to pick it up at the birth place as quickly as possible to begin processing it while it is fresh. This is time sensitive for a few reasons. Firstly for safety and health reasons, but also because you are likely to feel your lowest emotionally on day 4 or 5, so its ideal to have your placenta products back as soon as possible. Your placenta must stay refrigerated or on ice in a cooler after birth until she picks it up. Your Specialist will not encapsulate the placenta if its been left out for too long, or if she is not notified in time. She also can not encapsulated your placenta if an infection is present at the time of birth, or without proof that maternal blood born pathogens/diseases were not present during pregnancy. (You provide her with these records when services are retained.)

The placenta will take around a day to process and get back to you, your Specialist will do this as quickly as she can for you. You can choose which method of encapsulation is right for you. All placentas are dehydrated and then ground into a fine powder and placed into capsules. It ends up looking like any other supplement you might take in capsule form. Not so bad, eh?

You can begin taking the capsules as soon as you receive them, storing them in a cool, dry place. You can expect to receive around 80-150 capsules, which can be frozen for storage if you want to use them for balancing hormones at another time. (PMS anyone??)

Is Placenta Encapsulation Clean and Safe?

Every once in awhile someone actually thinks about what we may be doing with their placenta once it leaves their possession and they ask us, “Uh, is that safe?” It’s a legitimate question, and we are actually happy to see parents thinking out the decision they are making. Please be sure to discuss any concerns you have with your Specialist, we are an open book about this process.

All placentas are handled with universal/standard precautions. This means nothing touches your placenta that has any potential pathogens on it and your placenta doesn’t touch anything that can not be properly cleaned and sterilized. We use medical grade protection supplies and food grade equipment. We each use the Occupational Safety and Health Administration practice standards to ensure proper handling, cleaning and sterilization of all equipment. We only process one placenta at a time and use a separate designated area of our homes. We can also process the placenta in your home, just ask!

photo (3)Placenta Services Available:

TCMi Encapsulation (Traditional Chinese Medicine Inspired)
This method of preparing the placenta for encapsulation involves gently steaming the placenta before dehydration. Gently steaming the placenta is a process that brings warmth back to the placenta, and thus back to the mother, to restore balance. TCM is believed to have tonifying, healing, and warming properties. If your placenta has been frozen, this is always the method of choice.

Raw Encapsulation
This method of preparing the placenta skips the steaming process all together, dehydrating the placenta while still “raw.” This process is only used within the first 48 hours after the birth to ensure freshness. It can be combined with TCM method so you receive half raw and half TCM. Using the Raw method provides a burst of energy up front but does not often offer the longer, tonifying benefits of TCM.

Loose Placenta Powder
Not a fan of swallowing pills? Loose placenta powder is great for adding to smoothies and food!

Whole Placenta Smoothie Prep
This is a great option for those who only want to have placenta smoothies. Your placenta is prepared raw into individually wrapped, frozen placenta cubes to add to smoothies. Anytime you need a raw placenta boost, blend your smoothie with a placenta cube! The number of frozen cubes depends on the size of your placenta. Your first smoothie is pre-made at your birthing location for immediate enjoyment.

Placenta Add-On Services Descriptions:

Placenta Smoothies
This add-on service provides you with individually wrapped, frozen placenta cubes for seven days worth of smoothies (two smoothies per day for a total of 14 frozen smoothie cubes). Your first smoothie is pre- made and delivered to you at your birthing location for immediate enjoyment – you may choose from a chocolate almond protein smoothie or a delicious berry smoothie.

Placenta Tincture (4oz; 8oz)
The placenta tincture is another way to reap the physical benefits from the placenta besides capsule form. Tinctures are mainly meant for energy, transition, stress, and hormone stabilization. They are great for returning menstrual cycles, menopause, and even the puberty of your daughter(s). Relatives on the maternal line of the birthing mom can also benefit from the tincture as it has an almost indefinite shelf life if stored properly. The tincture is made from a thumbnail size piece of raw placenta and high-grade alcohol, steeped for 6 weeks postpartum and then strained. It is stored in a 4oz dropper bottle.

Placenta Salve (4oz)
The placenta salve has many uses. It is used to heal Cesarean section incision after the wound is closed and to reduce scarring, itching and discomfort. The salve can also be used as soon as 3 days postpartum for mom and baby to soothe… hemorrhoids, perineal tears, diaper rash, eczema, sun burns, skin irritations, sore nipples, as an intensive moisturizer and for general healing & skin care. The placenta salve is a blend of organic coconut oil, almond oil, beeswax, olive oil infused with calendula, olive oil infused with comfrey, olive oil infused with plantain and lavender essential oil.

Placenta Print on Canvas
Placenta prints on canvas are a great way to commemorate the beauty of the placenta and to honor the special role it played in your baby’s growth and development. Placenta prints are made paint-free on canvas.

Placenta Prints on Paper, Photos & Cord Keepsake
Placenta prints, photos and cord keepsakes are a great way to commemorate the beauty of the placenta and to honor the special role it played in your baby’s growth and development. These add-on services are free with any other placenta services. Placenta prints are made paint-free on watercolor paper. Photos are taken before encapsulation and emailed to you. The umbilical cord is preserved as a heart-shaped keepsake.

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